Andrew Evans is a composer-producer based in North London

A multi-instrumentalist and initially the nominal (and occasionally somewhat grudging!) songwriter in teenage bands, it was an (at the time welcomed) opportunity to ‘just play the bass’ that made him realise that writing was actually the part he loved the most.

Concentrating on honing his craft, he first worked within the indie/alternative genre, signing a contract with Emerge Media. Encouraged by Emerge to move out of his comfort zone and into more commercial  sounds, it was the resulting tracks that proved a turning point. Feedback progressed from ‘you’ve got talent’ to ‘this should be your career’.

While never losing sight of the power and immediacy of the three minute pop song, Andrew nevertheless still endeavours to inject a twist of sophistication into everything he produces. Whether it’s an unconventional time-signature, a poignant turn of phrase or the multi-layered ‘Pet Sounds’ harmonies that feature in much of his work.

Andrew regularly writes for corporate and commercial projects covering everything from in-app music and instructional DVDs to national radio adverts.

Andrew was one of a select few to be invited to occupy the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square as part of artist Antony Gormley’s ‘One and Other’ project, challenging himself to write and record a song from scratch within his allotted hour. The result, simply called ‘One and Other’, was available to hear online by the end of the day.

Andrew has provided music for several film projects, including a re-imagining of the The Beggar’s Opera and a feature film based on the life of ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser.

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